Video testimonial

“Thank you so much rebuilding my confidence! I’m so happy to finally be out of my maternity clothes and feeling more like me again.

Thanks for holding Oliver while I shopped… he’s never been that quiet!! A great service, being able to take your baby, I would never have taken the plunge and booked an appointment otherwise!! See you soon!”

Annabelle Fields

“You were a total life saver after being stuck with nothing to wear for my sister-in-laws wedding.

Also, so pleased I have something I can wear again, now I understand how to accessorize

Will recommend”

Danielle Atkinson

Video testimonial

“So really pleased with my holiday capsule wardrobe. I can’t believe I actually saved money! Normally, I just buy tons of clothes I don’t wear because they don’t go together. I actually have a full working wardrobe now!

Thanks for the colour advice as well, it will make it so much easier to shop moving forward! Also, my husband loves my new look!!!”

Sophie Watts

“Thank you so much Rebecca for our shopping trip. I’ve been wearing my new clothes and all week and feel like I have my style back. I even went shopping today with my daughter and bought two things I’m sure you would approve of!! Thank you again!”

Lindsay Richards